Crystal Visions

Spirit Readings: Who,What and How?

Spirit Readings can be done on the phone or in person. A reading using "evidential mediumship" can prove that we do not die, the light of our soul spirit lives on, and continues to share our lives with us even though we can't see them, believe me, they are there! Many people can "feel" their loved one around them, but without communication it is very hard to believe what you are "feeling" is real. A spirit reading should prove to you that they are in fact there, I will only give you information that they give me. And sometimes, this information sounds very silly to me but has tremendous meaning to you!

How do I do this? I initially raise my energetic vibration to meet the spirit world. I then invite any one in need of communicating with you to step in. It is usually a family member, but there are no guarantees as to who will come. Interestingly enough, the moment you decide to have a reading, your communicator from the spirit world knows it and will be at the appointment with us! Sometimes they are so anxious to reach through the veil that they come right away and I have to tell them to come back for your appointment!

What kinds of things can you expect to hear during your reading?

Typically I ask for the following: Their relation to you, how they past, the approximate age of passing, a physical description of who I see, sometimes they give me their name, significant months or dates, scars or tattoos they may have had, current events of things you have been doing, I ask them to show me something that only you, would understand. Sometimes, the initial spirit will bring someone else into the reading, one may be a better communicator than the other, you just never know!

At the end of the reading, there normally is some type of message from your loved one. A spirit reading can help you to rest assured that your family member or loved one is safe and only a thought away.

What is "Evidential Mediumship"?

"Evidential Mediumship" is a form of mediumship in which the medium links with Spirit who then offers evidence that only the "sitter" (person coming for the reading) can understand. This evidence can also be unknown to the sitter but another family member or friend, who isn't at the reading, can usually vouch for the accurateness of the evidence.