Psychic and Intuitive Readings: An Explanation

Psychic and Intuitive Readings

Psychic and Intuitive readings are one in the same. The reader, me, will blend with the aura of the client, you, and read it. There are many ways in which this can be accomplished, tarot cards, oracle cards, scrying and the use of color are a few of the techniques. We use the techniques as tools to focus the energy in one area. With experience, the skilled psychic can move directly into the aura and read it with no tools that you are able to see.

I personally, love to work with color. My client will choose 3 colors, and I will draw with them as I read the aura. I can also do it without drawing, but its nice to have something to take away from the reading, don't you agree? Tarot is a tool that some Intuitives use to help guide the reading through your life, past, present, near future and distant future. Keep in mind, that we all have free will, the influence of free will can change anything.