Services Offered

Spiritual Services

Services can be adjusted to fit your needs. Appointments must be made for all readings, phone or zoom appointments only til covid slows down. Please read below How to get the most out of your reading before your scheduled reading.

  • Tarot Readings
  • Spirit Readings by phone or in person
  • End of Life Readings For Families in crisis. This can be very reassuring to the family of the person preparing to pass, knowing which loved one is waiting to receive them. These are families of patients that are usually under hospice care or in the hospital and are at the end of life.

How to get the most from your Spirit reading

There are a few rules to follow to get the best reading possible.

  • Spirit never wastes a thought!
  • Be open and positive about what you may hear. Even if you don't know anything about what I am telling you they are saying, bring it to other family members, they may know or remember things that you don't.
  • Please don't offer any information!
  • Either you understand or you don't understand the evidence. The sound of your voice helps to raise the energy, and encourages spirit to communicate, but the reading is better if you don't offer any personal info! Spirit knows who you are and they are here to let you know they are ok! Spirit will give me the information to prove that life is continuos.
  • I prepare my energy for your reading before hand so please be on time.


Payment can be made online at Order Here! I accept Paypal, MC, VISA.