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Barbara Schug

Barbara Schug Evidential Medium

Barbara is an Intuitive Medium located in Northern New Jersey. She is available for individual, small group and charity events.

As a born medium, she has been aware of spirit since she was a small child. Her curiosity about what she was seeing/feeling and hearing brought her to do research over the years. Her first objective experience seeing spirit was a Spirit visitation resembling her recently passed Grandmother outside the backdoor! That was the beginning of her "knowing" that we live on and the beginning of her Spiritual Development. After many years of knowing someone was there, but not knowing how to capture the communication with Spirit, Barbara started her Mediumship training. She quickly connected with Spirit and now does Evidential readings by phone and in person. The gift of Mediumship allows Barbara to connect Spirit to their loved ones for healing messages. She continues to study and train with well known mediums in the USA, Switzerland and the UK.

She continues her specialized Mediumship training in New Jersey, training with the "best of" International Mediums, she is a member of the Spiritualists' National Union International. She has volunteered as a session Facilitator for the practice of mediums on SNUI website and is a certified Hospice volunteer.


Young or old, losing a loved one is a traumatic experience for all of us. Be it a mother, father, child or pet, we miss them physically, we have a hole in our psyche. How can that ever be filled if I can't touch or see them ever again?


How many times have you thought "if I only knew if he was alright with the way I took care of him at the end, I wish I could tell her I love her one more time, hold her one more time and feel her warmth. Is he or she proud of me?" These are all questions we ask that can help us heal in the wake of the trauma.

We live in angst waiting to see a sign, feel a hand on our shoulder, smell the scent of their perfume, cigar or their favorite flower. But, do we pay attention to it or write it off as a coincidence? We only do this because we can't see them. Just think about this for a minute. When you send a text, do you see it go to your friend? Does the picture of the baby reach its grandmother when you text it? How could that be? I didn't see it happen, but you know it did. So why, why do so many people just write off a sign from a loved one just because we didn't see him create it.

I recently told a client during a reading that her son was mentioning the song 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow', the client acknowledged it was "their song", something I would have never know. She was so touched by this and other things I mentioned, that she started to pay more attention and look for his signs. A few weeks later, she was at the hospital visiting a friend and aa woman came into the room with a harp and started to play "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" for them. What are the chances of that happening, pretty slim if you ask her, unless of course your son is sending a message.

Sometimes the grief creeps up on you slowly, only to announce itself in the middle of the grocery store when you see their favorite food, when we worry about the coming holiday without him or her and just bust out in uncontrollable crying. It happens to us all.

How does a child get over the loss of a parent? Well, we really never get over it, but we learn to deal with it in as healthy a way as possible.

How to use Mediumship as a part of your healing process

In an evidential reading you should hear and recognize things that the medium would never know. You should have a picture painted, so to speak, of your loved ones personality. Clients tell me they are so relieved after their reading because they had no question as to who they were communicating with.

Children and the Spirit World:

Does your child see invisible friends? Spirits? Ghosts?

If so, no need to panic! It’s perfectly natural for a child to witness and interact with spirits. I have many mediumistic friends that grew up having them around, including myself and its really not a problem. It just makes us a little different than the typical kid.

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Tell your childs story!

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What is "Evidential Mediumship"?

What is Evidential Mediumship
"Evidential Mediumship" is a form of mediumship in which the medium raises its vibration and the spirit world meets us inbetween! Spirit then offers evidence that only the "sitter" (person coming for the reading) can understand. This evidence can also be unknown to the sitter but another family member or friend, who isn't at the reading, can usually vouch for the accurateness of the evidence. Your reading will be 45 mins long, yes, you can ask questions. Phone readings are also recorded if desired, at no additional charge.

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