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Barbara Schug Evidential Medium

Intuitive Medium
Barbara Schug

Barbara is an Intuitive Medium located in Northern New Jersey. As a born medium, she has been aware of spirit since she was a small child. Her curiosity about what she was seeing/feeling and hearing brought her to do research over the years. Her first objective experience seeing spirit was a Spirit visitation resembling her recently passed Grandmother outside the backdoor! That was the beginning of her "knowing" that we live on and the beginning of her Spiritual Development. After many years of knowing someone was there, but not knowing how to capture the communication with Spirit, Barbara started her Mediumship training. She quickly connected with Spirit and now does Evidential readings by phone and in person. The gift of Mediumship allows Barbara to connect Spirit to their loved ones for healing messages. She continues to study and train with well known mediums in the USA, Switzerland and the UK. She continues her specialized Mediumship training in New Jersey, training with the "best of" International Mediums, she is a member of the Spiritualists' National Union International. She has volunteered as a session Facilitator for the practice of mediums on SNUI website and is a certified Hospice volunteer.

Children and the Spirit World:
Does your Child see Invisible Friends? Spirits? Ghosts?

If so, no need to panic! It’s perfectly natural for a child to witness and interact with spirits. I have many mediumistic friends that grew up having them around, including myself and its really not a problem. It just makes us a little different than the typical kid.
imaginary friends imageI wasn’t a lonely child, I had many real friends that I played with all the time. But when I spoke to my other friends, I spoke out loud, so my mother of course wanted to know who I was talking to! I told her they were my “invisible friends”. My invisible friends, would come around when things were quiet, we played together for years, they were always good to me and not the least bit scary, just normal people. They appeared to me as a few years older than myself. Honestly, growing up I thought everyone had invisible friends… come to find out that is not the case! Surprise Surprise!

I remember the very last time I saw them, I was about 6 or 7, the vision is burned into my mind. I was outside playing, it was summertime and I was wearing one of those seersucker sunsuits that tied at the top. I just hated wearing those, always hard to untie when I had to pee! Anyway, on this particular day, I waited too long to go to the bathroom and ran home in a last minute panic. As I was trying to untie the shoulder ties my invisible friends joined me. They were all there, about 10 of them, standing in a group as if they were in a chorus on a tiered platform. The most prominent one or the leader, Susan, stepped forward, I remember her saying goodbye and that they were leaving. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but I never saw them again after that day. I’m not saying thats the last time I saw spirits, but it was the last time I saw them.

I am hoping to collect you and your children's stories from those of you who want to share them. We're hard at work getting that ready for you so check back soon! I would love to hear your story or concerns about you or your child. Feel free to tell it here...

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What is "Evidential Mediumship"?

What is Evidential Mediumship
"Evidential Mediumship" is a form of mediumship in which the medium links with Spirit who then offers evidence that only the "sitter" (person coming for the reading) can understand. This evidence can also be unknown to the sitter but another family member or friend, who isn't at the reading, can usually vouch for the accurateness of the evidence. Your reading will be 45 mins long, you can ask questions and you can record it. Phone readings are also recorded if desired, at no extra charge.

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